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Located in Berlin, ZenMate is a VPN company that has been around only since 2014, but who has been making some waves in the VPN field in that time. They began as a browser extension and proxy service and then grew from there into one of the top VPN options on the market today. You know that you want to work with only the best when it comes to your virtual private network, and fortunately, the features, options, and server locations from ZenMate will have you covered. Let’s examine more of what this company can offer to see if it might be the right choice for your first or next VPN service.

Is it easy to use?

If you are brand new to VPNs, you want to get up and running without a lot of hassle. The company offers a desktop client that will work with both Windows and Mac OS, and it offers mobile services for iOS tablets and Android tablets, as well as smartphones. This means you can keep safe and keep your browsing private even when you are out and on your phone. In addition, they offer browser extensions that will work with Opera, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

The installation is very simple, and it has an on and off button, so you can use the VPN service only when you feel it is needed. This is a helpful feature for those who may now want or need to use the VPN all the time. For example, some people may only use it while they are working. However, many find that having the added protection is something that they want to have running most of the time.

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When choosing a VPN, it is important to consider just where the company offers servers, and how many servers they have. Currently, ZenMate offers a whopping 314 servers spread across 27 countries. One of the nice things about a company that has all of these servers is that you can select them from all around the world. They have servers in Europe, North America, and many other locations, including Japan.

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The Price

You will find that the prices for ZenMate tend to be on par with those offered by other companies. Because the prices are the same, and are very affordable, the cost will not likely be a factor when you are making your decision. When you choose ZenMate, you might want to start with the free trial for the desktop application. The trial is free for a week, and this will provide you with the time you need to make sure the service is right for you and that it is as simple to use as you had hoped.

It is always a good idea to make use of free trials from VPNs, so you can test the service. After all, you do not want to be locked into a company that can’t offer you the privacy or the speeds that you need.

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Is it secure?

The main reason many people use a VPN in the first place is for their privacy. You want to make sure the VPN company you choose is careful with your data, naturally. With ZenMate, the company defines the regulations on their site and are upfront about the data that they will keep and the reasons they need to keep it. They state that the IP address is only logged on a temporary basis and only for transmitting the data to the targeted site. It is not stored permanently. However, it should be noted that there are companies out there who promise never to log any of your data.

The company utilizes quality protocols for encryption of data, which helps to keep

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What about the speed?

If you are going to be using a VPN, and you are planning to use servers that are outside of your local area, there will often be a noticeable decrease in the speed of the web. This is common with many VPNs, not just ZenMate. It is the nature of the way the system works. Even with the speed decrease, you will typically find that the streaming services tend to work quite well. They are smooth and do not jitter or stop, and they are in HD quality. While the speed difference might be noticeable when you are using a server on the other side of the planet, you will find that most of the time, the speed difference is negligible.

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When it comes to the customer support from ZenMate, you will find that it doesn’t have quite as many options as other VPN services out there. For example, they do not offer live chat. However, they do have an online ticket form that you can submit when you have questions or issues that need to be answered. The form will allow you to include screenshots and documents, if needed. Most of the time, the company is able to get back to you within about 24 hours.

Other VPN services out there today do offer more in terms of customer support, and this could be a sticking point for some potential users. If you want to have around the clock support that can get back to you within an hour or so, this might not be the best service for you. Still, there are many other reasons to consider using ZenMate, as noted above.

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Should You Choose ZenMate?

The service offers a streamlined interface that is easy to use and install, along with the privacy and security that people desire. It could be a good option for those who are new to VPNs and those who want to have simple to use software for their system. However, if you are not convinced it is the right choice, remember that there is a free trial that you can use. This will help you decide whether you want to use ZenMate or another service instead.

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